About me

To all those who do not know me or my work, I have to say:
My name’s Cíntia Ventania and I am Brazilian, living in Montreal. I’m an Art Director, and I play in multiple fronts, as graphic designer, webdesigner, instructional designer, photographer, cameramen, you name it.

I am 32 years old and all my life I worked in the art and marketing industry. In addition, I am also a musician and I’m fluent in English, French and Portuguese.

My path:
Over time, my passions have merged, intertwining my work and bringing many fruits.

It was 2003, and I had to make a choice for life [I was 18 y.o.]… But I was not sure of the path I wanted to take …
I wanted to do a Film School because I love writing screenplays and see a simple idea become reality… But the formation was very expensive, and then, I decided to take photography classes – because it was another curiosity I always had – and it was a formation that I was able to pay at the time.

I’ve always been very curious about all the “magic” behind the photo. How it works? How we developed a photo? What are chemical processes? It was a science that I had never seen – and I thought that I would find out about it.
But I frustrated myself, and I persecuted a technical photography course that gave me a deeper knowledge about plans, speed and aperture.

The beginning was confusing, but in this path, I found my style and my passions.

After several years of studies and projects in the photographic market, I then decided to increase my knowledge and start a formation in Graphic Design. This formation opened me some doors, but I thought it was not enough, and then, I started a formation in Publicity (Communication and Marketing).

In 2013 I migrated to Montreal and started to work as a Photographer/Graphic Designer for some local online stores and design companies.

One year later, I realized my dream of having my own business, and I currently provide services to local businesses, helping them gain more visibility in the marketplace, with quality photos, videos and effective websites, leveraging sales and web advertising.


Cintia Ventania

Cintia Ventania

Photographer - Videographer - Designer